Saturday, October 19, 2013

Introducing.... Me.

Hello. My name is Elissa, I am currenly 21 years old. I have a Dad, a Mum and two older brothers. My parents were missionaries before I was born. 6 months after I came into the world, we went to PNG so that my parents could continue their work there. We stayed there for 3 years. We came back to Aus, and have been living here in Brisbane since then, and have also been attending the same church.

I'm not a perfect christian girl. It is true that I attended Sunday school as a child and when I was old enough to go to youth group I attended there and I didn't want to leave ever ever ever...... But behind the corny church loving little girI, is a confused church loving girl. I have been hurt, and I have hurt the people that I love. I have made mistakes that would sound unbelievable to people who think they know me. I feel sick when I think of some of my mistakes. I feel wrong a lot, and I feel like common sence doesn't exist in me. I feel sorry for myself, but I understand that there are millions of people who have been through and continue to go through things much worse than I have. My pain seems so little in comparison, however that doesn't mean that my problems are worthless. 

God is my passion. I love him for many things, but mostly for John 3:16. It is amazing that he could ever love a sinner like me.
 I am now a Sunday school teacher, and instead of being a youth leader like I had planned, I am a girls brigade leader.
 I recognize that God's plans are better.

 I have a fianc'ee called Rob, whom I love very much. We met five years ago, and have been engaged for nearly two years. We will be married on the 3rd of May 2014. I love that he loves God, I love that he is interested in my interests. I love that he makes me laugh, I love that he puts my past failures away, that he is forgiving. I love it when he surprises me, I love his generosity. I love his kind words and his gentle heart. I love his affection. I love that he will love me until death do us part.

 I am a child care worker with dreams of becoming a child counselor. I have many other dreams too, and I plan to pray over them. 

I like Cuddly things, wombats, animals, Cookie monster, cookies, chocolate, children, dresses and high heal shoes, drawing, painting, relaxing, playing the piano, listening to a wide range of music, playing the Uke, and a whole heap of things.

I want to enjoy the little things in life, and I want to keep trying harder to be the woman that God designed me to be.

Next time you go to judge someone. Think about it. Think about God creating them in their mothers womb. God looks on each and every one of his creations in unconditional love.  Maybe it is time to consider why people might be the way they are. Should we maybe try and see the good things about them, not the negative?