Thursday, December 11, 2014

Beauty in creation.

Photography is my hobby. I'm certainly not a pro, I'm self taught, but I admit that I do have a skill for seeing the right things to capture. To me, photography is a beautiful art. I like to draw as well, but sometimes I can't draw what I feel, yet in photography I always feel. I'm still learning about how my camera works, and what settings I need to capture the best photo. I have a long way to go, and it's exciting that I'm improving. I love the clicking sound my camera makes, I love everything! I'm in my happy place when I take photos, and I'm sure most or all photographers can relate. 

(C) 2014 Elissa Collett        Taken at New Farm Park, Newfarm Brisbane.

Most importantly, I see creation. I love to take pictures in sunlight, because it makes everything glow. I am a tad bit proud of the photo above, because of the focus on the flower, and the reality of it. You see, it isn't just a flower. God made that flower unique. There are flowers that look like it, but when you look carefully at the finer detail, you understand that no flower is the same. Every flower is just as unique as our finger prints. If you focus on a flower long enough, you will see the detail that God has poured out into his creation. 

(C) Elissa Collet 2014.        Taken at Mount Glorius in Brisbane 

I've always hated walking into webs. They are sticky and there is always the uncertainty that a spider may have been in it, and could be now crawling in your hair.... Brrr.
However when I started taking photos of them, I realised that they aren't just an icky spider creation, they are quite beautiful (most of them). 

When you think about it, photographers are always taking photos of unique things. Even buildings and objects that are created by human hands or machines are unique. A lot of buildings look the same, but the minerals used to make the materials for buildings, such as steel, concrete and glass, have their own special place. 
Do you see what I'm getting at? 
God is in everything. God created the minerals, used in building materials. Yes, humans created the buildings, but God started it :) 

How can photographers and artists not believe in God, even though they are capturing the most mind-boggling things?