Friday, July 25, 2014

Are you for real?

This is a photo that has been going around for months on Facebook, and I feel sorry for those who agree with it. Do we really want to go back to the dark ages? Would you really get pleasure out of watching a man die right in front of you? 

I have this scenario in my mind:
 Public hangings have been brought back. Daniel Morcombe's killer has been caught, the court trial is over, the jury has spoken, and he has been sentenced to public hanging. It is the day of the hanging, and the story has been all over the news. Everyone is angry at this man, and the media have turned his story into a drama. The news cameras get the best spot at the hanging, so that they can film it. Everyone in the crowd has their iPhone out, ready to take pictures and upload them to Facebook. The hanging is now over, and the crowd cheers. Everyone leaves and goes home to check out all the photos and comments on Facebook. The news plays the story over and over again, and probably holds a two hour edition, dedicated to Daniel. Children are watching the news, watching the public hanging, with confusement on their faces. Photos of a dead man, are all over the internet, these photos are all you will see until the story does down and gets boring.

The results of all this taking place....
Confused, and scared vulnerable children. Children believing that bad people always deserve death. 
Imaginations wondering, and nightmares brewing. 
People who have lost loved ones recently, seeing images of this dead man, reminding them of their own pain. 

If I haven't made my point clear enough, I'm sorry, I'm no creative writer. I will try my best to help you understand where I am coming from.....

Are children not exposed to enough on the media and internet already? Their innocence is painfully being corrupted. Until 9/11 I didn't know what the world was like (I was 10 years old),  and it scared me to the point of nightmares and fears of aeroplanes. I'm not saying that all children would react in fear to public hangings, just that there are children who definately would. I envision mental issues rising, from young and old. 
I believe public hangings would bring up way too many problems. The thought of it makes me shiver. 

If you disagree, please argue.... I want to know your thoughts. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ok, I get it...

Ok, I get it. Atheists hate things being shoved in their faces. Yup. 
However I find the image below rather hypocritical, and I would like to explain why.....

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the people who call themselves Christians, when they really don't have a clue. The type of Christians with an immature faith, who try to force theology on you, without knowing what they are talking about. I'm sorry. When I was a teenager, I was just like that. I now have a more mature faith, and understand how many people I mislead. Please understand though, that we Christians are sinners, just like everyone else, we need to be forgiven too. 

Secondly I feel like I need to explain that Mormans, and JW's are usually the ones knocking on doors, and giving you pamphlets. Too be honest, although their faith is mixed up, I'm jealous that they have the guts to knock on your door. It isn't easy you know, professing your faith to a complete stranger, not knowing how they will react. So hats up to them for trying. 

Having said this, I still find this image hypocritical. " Athiests, shoving nothing in your face". That is a lie. Athiests are always shoving things in peoples faces. Sure, they don't go knocking on doors, but that is because they don't need to. They teach evolution at school, at universities and collages. These teachers, I believe, are shoving their theory in your face. That, my atheist friends, is your faith. Simply because it is a theory. You have to have faith in this theory to believe it, just as Christians have faith in God. 
Another example: some Athiests like to get into a fight with Christians, before the christian has said anything. Sometimes, all they have to know is that someone is a christian, and they start asking questions, and "proving" that christian wrong. Tell me, how is that not shoving information into faces?

Rant over.