Sunday, January 26, 2014

I feel sorry for the prostitutes the most

For a while, the topic of prostitution has been dwelling on my mind. It is a sensitive topic, so I will go about this as delicately as possible.

World problems : when most people think about problems of the world, the thing that might come to mind first is poverty and homelessness. We have all seen images of malnourished children in Africa, and it is definitely a sad problem. It hurts to think that these little children have a very short life expectancy. A huge problem is war, and a lot of countries are in poverty because of it.
For a lot of first world countries, homelessness is an issue, and so is abuse. Abuse is not ok in Australia that is for sure, but it does happen, even though we would gladly try our very best to forget about it. Abuse of any sort, to anyone is nasty and I could never tolerate seeing it happen to someone I care about. Unfortunately there is a lot of mess in the world, and for all of what I have mentioned, I feel sorry, and almost guilty. 

I feel sorry for prostitutes the most. A few weeks ago, I was watching a documentory on prostitution, and it choked me up. Every night (maybe even right now) BUSLOADS OF MEN are ariving in Calcutta to choose a woman (or two) to have sex with him for a small price. He has hundreds of ladies to choose from, they are all lined up outside their brothel houses, to "work". This is the only way these women can possibly earn money. Chances are their mothers were prostitutes as well, which meant they weren't allowed into education, so they ended up being prostitued themselves. It is horrible to think that Beautiful little girls as young as five years old, are being sold by their fathers to pimps. The virginity of these girls have been sold for less than the Australian equivelant of 50c.
During the documentary, one of the prostituted women, a mother of two, was killed. A man had a disagreement on money with her, so he poured kerosine over the women, and then set her alight. Even though it was an illegal offense, the police didn't even so much as talk to the murderer. Prostitutes are so frowned upon by the rich, that they can't be bothered wasting any time on a murdered women from a brothel. It is hard to fathom that murder could be done, and gotten away with, without a fight. Media would be all over that situation if it were to happen in Australia. The murderer would be no doubt sentenced to a life of imprisonment with no paroll. 
How horrible! How saddening, and discouraging is prostitution? Women should be treated like princesses, not slaves. Men shouldn't be paying these women with such disrespect. It makes me sick to the stomach! 

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